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Screen Scribble
Screen Scribble
Screen Scribble Description:
Are you looking for a creative game that will unleash the artistic magic within your youth?...a frantic game filled with excitement and humour that will entertain youth groups of all sizes?

Screen Scribble is a fun-filled, action-packed game of scribbling and guessing, where one player sketches a given word and teams must be quick to correctly guess the word.

Youth take it in turns to come to the computer and draw using the mouse on the white canvas - their drawing will then appear projected on the big screen for everyone to see. The game comes with a toolbox, allowing the youth to choose their own colours and pen thicknesses or an eraser if things go wrong! Pen strokes can be undone and the canvas wiped clean. You'll be amazed by some of the artistic talent within your youth group and humoured too by the more obscure drawings!

You can use the customisable timer that starts counting down as soon as the first pen stroke is made at the start of a round, getting your youth group on the edge of their seats as they try to guess the word being drawn before the time runs out. The time limit can be changed, giving you control over the urgency in which the game is played. And if the guessers are struggling to guess a difficult word, you have the option of manually providing hints (perhaps in exchange for points) or you can turn on the automatic hints facility, so that hints pop up as the time runs out. Finally, after an evening of high-energy entertainment, you can manually display a slide-show of all the pictures drawn, to re-live the laughs, sighs and screams of the evening!

The words in the game are categorised into three different difficulty levels. The player drawing the next word can choose their own difficulty level (and maybe get more points!) or Screen Scribble can choose it randomly for them. You can put all your own words into the game, allowing you to create a themed game with words that describe a specific topic that you may be teaching your youth group (and which you can save to use again). But if you don't have time to put your own words into the game, it comes with 400 Easy, 400 Average & 400 Difficult words - that's over a thousand words!

And with all of these customisable features, there are loads of different ways of playing Screen Scribble. Changing the timer's settings can alter the pace of the game and the type of game that is played. Your youth could play individually or within teams and you could alternate the person drawing or the guesser of the previous round could draw next. Maybe even award more points for correctly guessing difficult words - as you control the interactive scoreboard. Whichever way you decide to play Screen Scribble, you and your youth group will have heaps of fun and will be entertained for hours on end!

So, create your own themed selection of words (or use the 1,200 words that come with the game), set the time on the timer, choose all your own colours, choose the number of teams with their own names and colours and away you go!...once your youth group get a taste of Screen Scribble, you'll struggle to get them to stop!
Screen Scribble Recommendations:
  • Works best with a mouse
  • Works best in dual-screen mode (projecting onto a secondary monitor)
Screen Scribble Features:
  • Timer Settings:
  • Turn the timer on or off
  • Set the time on the timer (anywhere between 5 seconds and 5 minutes)
  • Turn automatic hints on or off (hints that pop up as the time runs out)
  • Choose the timer start and end colours (fade from the start to the end colour as the time runs out)
  • Manually play/pause the timer while a round is in progress (the timer starts automatically when the first pen stroke is made on the canvas at the start of a round)
  • Choose between 6 different canvas sizes (to fill a small part of the screen or most of the screen)
  • View a preview of the game within a preview pane as you customise the various settings and colours.
  • Allow the players the choice of difficulty level of the word they are to draw or let Screen Scribble choose it randomly for them.
  • Add your own words into the game for each of the three difficulty levels.
  • Create your own themed games by inputting a selection of words that describe a specific topic
  • Draw on a white canvas with a very easy-to-use toolbox:
  • Choose from 8 different pen colours
  • Use the eraser if a mistake is made
  • Choose from 4 different pen thicknesses
  • Buttons enabling you to undo pen strokes made and clear the canvas completely
  • Game Controls:
  • Single button that progresses the game (by either starting a new round, skipping a word or completing a round once someone has correctly guessed the word being drawn)
  • Manually provide hints during the round if the guessers are struggling to guess a difficult word
  • Manually cycle through the completed rounds in a slide-show fashion to view previous drawings from previous rounds
  • Info Panel above the canvas displaying the round number, current word difficulty, hint (or the word if the round is complete) and timer.
  • Easily set up a wireless remote to work with the game, giving you control to show the word at the click of a button anywhere in the room when someone calls out the right answer.
  • Help file containing comprehensive support for all aspects of the game.
  • Bonus: 1,200 words provided with the game (400 Easy, 400 Average & 400 Difficult words) - all carefully chosen that work best with Screen Scribble!
  • Features common to all Projected Games:
  • Create new games.
  • Open and modify existing games.
  • Save the customised settings and current status of a game.
  • Customise the title, its font and colour and the background colour.
  • Project onto a secondary monitor to allow more flexibility and many more functions.
  • Interactive scoreboard that can have up to 10 teams each with customisable names and colours (teams and their scores can also be imported from any other Projected Game)
  • Customise your own hot keys for all the game controls.
  • Operate the scoreboard using either the keyboard or mouse - scores can range between -999 and 999.
  • Controls to project the game, hide the game and scoreboard at any time during play and display the teams in order of their scores (lowest score first) at intervals during the game
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