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Connexions Description:
Are you looking for a colourful, animated game that combines strategy and excitement that will get your youth working together within teams to outwit each other?

Connexions is a game of strategy and cunning involving teams taking turns to drop counters into slots at the top of a grid in an attempt to connect a certain number of their counters together in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). But what makes Connexions unique and versatile is its customisable features...

You can have any number of teams playing at the same time (with different-coloured counters). If you have a small youth group or you want to encourage communication within large teams, play with just 2 or 3 teams. But if you have to entertain a mass of excited youth, just introduce more teams (up to 10!). And introducing one extra team totally transforms the strategy and dynamics of the game. So, mix it up and introduce an extra team - all teams will then have to rethink their whole strategy to playing the game!

You can also choose the size of the grid and the number of connections needed to win a game - Imagine the possibilities! You could use Connexions as a quick ice-breaker by having a small grid with just a couple of teams and 3 connections to win a game. Or you could use Connexions to entertain your youth for hours by having a large grid (up to 16 slots wide and 10 slots high!) with lots of teams playing head-to-head trying to connect 4 or 5 counters in a row. Or how about an interesting game involving 10 teams at the same time trying to connect just 2 counters in a row! You could even setup a Connexions tournament and keep track of the scores of each team with the inbuilt interactive scoreboard. The possibilities are endless!

And operating the game couldn't be easier! You can drop counters into the grid by simply clicking on the column or by using the arrow or number keys on the keyboard. You even have the ability to skip a team's turn (if you need to penalise a team for some reason) and undo the last move (if a team makes a mistake and you feel gracious!). And if you don't have time to finish the game then you can save it along with its status and all the scores and finish it another day.

So choose all your own colours, the number of teams to play the game (along with team names and colours), the grid size and the number of connections to win a game and let the fun begin! But if you want to get going instantly with a game that will work, just use one of the 60 ready-made games that come with Connexions, each with different colours schemes and settings that guarantee to provide exciting and dramatic entertainment for groups of all sizes! Connexions promises to get your youth connecting!
Connexions Features:
  • Choose the number of teams to play each game as well as the team names and colours
  • You can choose a subset of the teams in the scoreboard to play each game, giving you the flexibility to use the game in a tournament-fashion.
  • Specify the grid size (between 3 and 16 slots wide and between 3 and 10 slots high)
  • Enlarge the grid up to 200% (so that it can be seen further away)
  • Specify the number of connections needed to win (from 2 upwards)
  • Specify the colour of the grid
  • View a preview of the Connexions grid within a preview pane as you customise the colours, size and settings of the grid
  • Specify which team goes first on the next game (either the next in line, chosen at random or the winning or losing team(s))
  • Game Controls:
  • Choose from a variety of methods to drop counters into the slots in the grid - can click on the column to drop the counter into or use the arrow or number keys on the keyboard
  • Undo the last move if a column was accidentally selected
  • Skip a team's turn (at the operator's discretion!)
  • Restart a game by removing all the counters from the grid and choosing the team to go first depending on the settings chosen (see above)
  • Help file containing comprehensive support for all aspects of the game.
  • Bonus: A bundle of 60 ready-made games, with settings chosen to guarantee exciting and dramatic entertainment for groups of all sizes
  • The games have different colour schemes and vary in terms of the number of teams playing, the grid size and the number of connections needed to win.
  • Features common to all Projected Games:
  • Create new games.
  • Open and modify existing games.
  • Save the customised settings and current status of a game.
  • Customise the title, its font and colour and the background colour.
  • Project onto a secondary monitor to allow more flexibility and many more functions.
  • Interactive scoreboard that can have up to 10 teams each with customisable names and colours (teams and their scores can also be imported from any other Projected Game)
  • Customise your own hot keys for all the game controls.
  • Operate the scoreboard using either the keyboard or mouse - scores can range between -999 and 999.
  • Controls to project the game, hide the game and scoreboard at any time during play and display the teams in order of their scores (lowest score first) at intervals during the game
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