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Game Show
Game Show
Game Show Description:
Do you spend hours searching for suitable activities and games to break the ice and entertain your youth group? Do you wish you could have a tool that enables you to select from a vast selection of games and activities and present them in a way that will connect with your youth group using a projector?

Game Show is a tool that allows you to develop a database of your favourite games and activities that work best in your youth group and offers a way of easily creating individual 'game shows', whereby you compile games and activities in advance from your database for your youth event. The games in the database consist of simple instructions on how to play them (they are not interactive computer games) and are displayed to your youth, via a game show, directing them on how to play the game. You can then move smoothly between the games in a game show, avoiding pauses and minimising opportunities for distraction from among your youth.

The games can be displayed together with an interactive customisable scoreboard to keep track of how your teams are doing. You can customise the colour scheme of your game shows and the scoreboard and wording of your games. Controlling your game shows couldn't be easier either with the use of customisable hot keys that can be linked to a wireless remote to allow the host to operate the game show. Individual game shows and existing scores can be saved for future continuation or for your own records. Import and export features are also provided on the database allowing you to share games with other youth leaders who are using Game Show. And if you don't have time to create your own database from scratch or an effective game show, then don't despair - Game Show is pre-programmed with 40 highly entertaining games in the database and 6 ready-made game shows, all of which can be modified and added to as you desire.
Game Show Features:
  • Games database:
  • An unlimited number of games can be created and added to the database (games consist of a name and instructions)
  • Delete and edit existing games in the database as you desire
  • Import and export games from and to other youth leaders who are using Game Show
  • Bonus: 40 pre-programmed highly entertaining games, each containing easy-to-follow instructions as well as the number of teams suitable to play the game and the materials required
  • Game shows:
  • Game shows can contain up to 20 games each
  • Games from the database can be used directly or modified to tie in with the youth event (e.g. a specific point system can be included in the game's instructions or the game can be renamed and instructions modified to tie in with a particular theme)
  • Easily customisable table of games in the game show that allows you to add, delete, import (allowing game shows to be combined) and move games around as you desire
  • Customise the colour of the game show (and view a preview as the colour is changed)
  • Bonus: 6 ready-made game shows
  • The game controls allow you to move forwards and backwards between games, jump to specific games and move between the instructions pages of a specific game
  • Help file containing comprehensive support for all aspects of the game.
  • Features common to all Projected Games:
  • Create new games.
  • Open and modify existing games.
  • Save the customised settings and current status of a game.
  • Customise the title, its font and colour and the background colour.
  • Project onto a secondary monitor to allow more flexibility and many more functions.
  • Interactive scoreboard that can have up to 10 teams each with customisable names and colours (teams and their scores can also be imported from any other Projected Game)
  • Customise your own hot keys for all the game controls.
  • Operate the scoreboard using either the keyboard or mouse - scores can range between -999 and 999.
  • Controls to project the game, hide the game and scoreboard at any time during play and display the teams in order of their scores (lowest score first) at intervals during the game
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