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Are you looking for fun and exciting games to play in your youth group?
Do you find ordinary computer games isolating and unsociable?
Projected Games are the new innovation, getting your youth interacting with each other
in a fun and exciting, team-playing environment!
"It Gets Everyone Involved!"
What Others Are Saying...
Screen Scribble
Detailed information on the New Projected Game Screen Scribble
"If you often find yourself scraping the bottom of your creative barrel, Projected Games WILL simplify your youth ministry"
Youthwork Magazine, August 2006
"We have been surprised at how engaged our young people get and just how competitive so many of them are!"
Stuart Avis, Church Youth Worker
"The kids love it and the more you use it the more fun you find you can have"
Moira Frew, Lead Community Youth Worker
Exactly What Are Projected Games?
Projected Games are new innovative computer games, designed for projection onto a large screen.
Any number of people can then get involved by playing and interacting within teams against each other.
A Projected Game In Action
How Do They Work?
  1. You will need a computer, preferably connected to a projector (to play on a big screen)
  2. Choose and download the games you want to use and play within your youth group
  3. Customise the game to suit your needs and then project it up onto a big screen and let the fun and interaction begin!
Projected Games Are:
  • Highly customisable (unlike PowerPoint games) providing you with a powerful, flexible tool to design and create your own games to suit your specific needs and environment.
  • High quality unique software packages, designed and created by a Cambridge Computer Science Graduate.
  • Quickly and easily downloadable in just 3 simple steps, so you could be using Projected Games in just a few minutes!
  • Platform-independent, so will work on both Windows and Macintosh computers (all games require Java - can be downloaded for free from
This makes Projected Games ideal for use in youth groups, churches, events, summer camps and even schools as tools to entertain, teach and impact today's youth!
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