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Our Vision
Projected Games were born out of a desire to connect youth together in a society that is predominantly isolating.

We at Projected Games Ltd are passionate about youth and have recognised the attraction youth have towards entertainment involving technology and computer games. We have also recognised the importance of social interaction and team-playing within youth groups. However, all existing computer games discourage social interaction as they isolate individuals with the monitor. We therefore decided to create a new type of computer game, like no other, that is both fun and exciting to play, but is also designed to be played in a team-playing environment, so encourages face-to-face social interaction.

We have also recognised the importance of a youth worker in the lives of their youth and the demanding, time-consuming nature of youth work. We therefore strive to equip youth workers with customisable, re-usable tools that will enable them to reach out and connect with their youth in a fun and exciting way.

Our vision at Projected Games Ltd is therefore to supply entertaining computer games for youth workers to help them to connect with their youth and to get youth connecting with each other.
Projected Games are designed to be played by people gathered together in teams (or individually) against each other. The players can then view the game projected up on a big screen, interact with each other in the team during the game and simply communicate the actions they wish to take within the game to the person operating the game on the computer. Projected Games could also be played on an interactive whiteboard in a similar fashion. The simple operation of Projected Games is illustrated below:
Operation of Projected Games
To operate effectively in this way, Projected Games have the following characteristics:
  • Easily identifiable components within the game (to aid communication between the players and the operator)
  • Highly customisable games to suit your specific needs and environment
  • Interactive customisable scoreboard within each game, allowing you to play the games with any number of teams of any size
The number of players that can play the game are limited by the number of people that can see the screen, so if the game is projected onto a big screen, potentially hundreds of people could play together! A smaller monitor screen can be used (e.g. a laptop without a connected projector), but this would inevitably limit the number of people that can view the screen and therefore play the game.
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